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San Antonio Here I Come - Part Two

Robert Rose

On Tuesday it was Chris Wells who had everyone talking and on Wednesday it was Robert Rose making the big plays that made every take notice. Both Ohio guys have proven their worth on the practice field and will be looked at a little differently now when it's game time on Saturday. Sure everyone is good in San Antonio or they wouldn't be here but both Wells and Rose have proven to be really good, and there's a pretty good chance both of them will be teammates at Ohio State in the future.

After seeing a couple of practices since I've arrived in San Antonio, I think I can at least give an educated opinion on some of the talent that I've seen on the East team. Obviously, with the only players with any connections to Ohio State being on the East squad, I've had no real need to watch the West practice at all. All of the fuss on the first day that I arrived on Tuesday was about Chris... Recommended Stories

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