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Rising Stocks and Two-Round Mocks...

Channing Crowder jumps after an Orange Bowl sack.

"Fortunately for the ‘Hawks, this year's Draft is stocked with RB talent. Texas' Cedric Benson and Auburn's duo of Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown are almost certain to be off the board in Round 1, but that doesn't mean Seattle won't have a shot at one in Round 2."

There are a few questions this week, so we’ll get right to ‘em. Who are the top 10 centers in the Draft, not including Juniors? - John Because they’re usually not taken very high in the Draft, I usually don’t spend too much time on Centers. The big two this year are LSU’s Ben Wilkerson and Oklahoma’s Vince Carter. Both are very solid players, but I like Wilkerson a bit more because... Recommended Stories

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