5 Best Warm-Weather Whiskeys

5 Best Warm-Weather Whiskeys

Oh, who are we kidding? These brown beauties are delicious in any weather, be it hot, cold, or raining frogs.

Ice-cold beer is never a bad choice, but for a little change in your weekend sipping, might we suggest something with a little more oomph? Salute America's birthday with America's liquor!

Hudson New York Corn Whiskey

This clear corn hooch is perfect for the Fourth of July heat. It's light, clean, slightly sweet and is the truest replica of real moonshine on the market (but unlike the stuff our great-great grandfathers drank, there's no risk of going blind). It's essentially bourbon in make-up, but it never touches oak. Drink it neat, but ice cold, or mix it with soda water and a healthy dash of bitters. Either way, it'll taste terrific with your burger.

Millbrook Distillery Dutchess Private Reserve

The way it tastes, you'd think this special sauce came from a 100-year-old distillery in the heart of Kentucky, but this beautiful bourbon is born in Dutchess County, New York. Made with local ingredients, this bourbon's complex oak and caramel notes will keep you warm and toasty when the A/C is kicked up too high.

Michter's US-1 Bourbon

Ah, Michter's, a Scout staffer favorite. (Especially at lunchtime.) The Louisville-based bourbon bandits age their bourbon in heat-cycled warehouses, which causes the whiskey and charred American oak barrels to do a most wonderful dance. Every sip delivers delicious hits of caramel, vanilla and spiced nuts. (Try not to giggle when reading that out loud.)

Belle Meade Bourbon

Charles Nelson, the original distiller of this flavorful Tennessee bourbon, had his doors closed by Prohibition, but a century later, two of his great-great-great-grandsons broke out the recipe and re-filled the barrels to create this wonderful water. The maple syrupy notes are just one of the many things we think would make great-great-great Grandpappy proud.

Whistlepig Straight Rye

This 100-proof, straight rye whiskey is aged for at least ten years and will teach you what it is to be a man. Actually, despite the high-octane proof, Whistlepig is remarkably smooth sipping, with some nice spice on the finish. Speaking of finish, it's time we ended this entry and got back for another tasting of all of these to make sure we got it right. Happy Fourth!

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