Late January Recruiting Update To Bank On

Late January Recruiting Update To Bank On

As we are now one week away from National Signing Day, the numbers are getting tight, and the candidates are dwindling, to be included in the final total for the Ohio State 2010 recruiting class. Who is still in the mix? What are the odds of each signing with the Buckeyes? Bill Greene takes a look in this edition of his Recruiting Update to Bank on.

Things are getting more interesting by the day, and the numbers have tightened dramatically, so it's time to take another look at the 2010 Ohio State recruiting class.

With 18 in the hopper, and the ability to add two more, where does Ohio State turn to fill out this class? Is the number two etched in stone, or is there some wiggle room?

Matt James: I still think James is a Buckeye, when all is said and done, although his visit to Notre Dame this weekend could kill that idea. James told me the Buckeyes were his leader three weeks ago. What has changed about Ohio State, or Notre Dame, in the past few weeks? Answer: Nothing at all. RATING: BUCKEYE.

Seantrel Henderson: I've always seen Ohio State as a major player to land Henderson, and I still feel that way. I really think this one comes to down to Notre Dame, USC, Florida and Ohio State. I'm not ready to scream to the heavens, but I feel Ohio State has a great chance to land Henderson, and I'm sticking with it. RATING: BUCKEYE (with fingers crossed).

Morgan Moses: I've always said until he visits officially, there is no reason to get excited. To date, there is talk of a visit, but no firm date has been set. I'm still seeing academic hurdles that need to be crossed, and there is doubt he will qualify. RATING: NOT a Buckeye.

Dominique Brown: I don't like the way this one has progressed, and I felt he either committed to Ohio State on the visit, or this one ends badly for the Buckeyes. I think Louisville has a great shot to lock this one up this weekend, when he visits. I'm not hopeful that Brown ends up a Buckeye at all. RATING: NOT a Buckeye.

Chaz Green: This would be the surprise of the recruiting season, and I don't see it happening at all. RATING: NOT a Buckeye.

Jordan Hicks: This is the enigma of the 2010 recruiting season, and I think Hicks figured it out yesterday, and finally knows where he's going. I absolutely, positively DO NOT see Jordan Hicks committing to Ohio State on Friday. I'm not screaming "Take That To The Bank", but I'm close to doing that. RATING: HOOK 'EM HORNS.

Latwan Anderson: This one is crazy, and it might get crazier over the next few days. I believe Ohio State WOULD come back to Latwan late in the game, possibly on Signing Day, once they clarify their numbers. I can also see the Buckeyes just passing altogether. RATING: NOT a Buckeye, BUT leaving myself some wiggle room, just in case.

I believe Ohio State has room to add more than the two spots they currently have available, and might go three or even four more, if necessary. I don't think that's going to happen though, and I see them picking up two more and calling it a day.

Where will this class end up being ranked? That question CANNOT be answered right now, and it is totally dependent upon James and Henderson. Should Ohio State end this class with what they currently have committed, it will be hard to call this recruiting season a rousing success, but the additions of those two would tip the scales to successful, from average. Recommended Stories

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