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Tidbits from Jacobs, Zwick, D'Andrea

Harlen Jacobs blocks a kick in Spring Practice

The OSU CBs have been under some criticism, but Harlen Jacobs told Dave Biddle recently that they are ready to prove people wrong. Also, Dave talked to Justin Zwick about his all-star experiences and Mike D'Andrea about why he didn't make the all-star rounds.

Like the rest of the Ohio State cornerbacks, Harlen Jacobs is beginning the season with a chip on his shoulder. "I've heard the whole thing with people saying we're young and we're not that good, but we've been in the program long enough to know the ropes, so, I mean, I think we're going to surprise a lot of people," Jacobs told "I mean, what's young? Me and Bobby (Britton) are... Recommended Stories

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