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Josh Oglesby

Josh Oglesby from Saint Francis, Wis., is one of the top offensive linemen in the nation. He is considering Ohio State, but is in no hurry to make a decision. We recently caught up with Oglesby, who gave his thoughts on the recruiting process and more.

Offensive lineman Josh Oglesby from Saint Francis, Wis., continues to express interest in Ohio State.

Oglesby (6-8, 310, 5.3) is arguably the top offensive lineman in the country, but he's as humble a young man as you will ever find.

"It's more flattering than anything," Oglesby said of being ranked as one of the nation's best. "And I take it as more and more of a blessing every day. I feel that I have a lot to improve on and I just want to go out every day this year and prove that I deserve it."

Oglesby is considering a wide range of schools and is not close to making a decision.

"I really don't have any favorites per se right now, because right now it is very early in the process and I'm doing more of a feeling-out process of all the possible places I could end up," Oglesby said. "There's no one right now that definitely sticks out. I am open to everything at this point."

Oglesby was asked what comes to mind when he thinks about Ohio State.

"What comes to mind is a great and prestigious program and there's none better," he said. "Winning the Fiesta Bowl and playing in I can't even count how many BCS bowls and winning the national championship in '02… it's a pretty amazing resume."

Oglesby is getting an all-out blitz from Ohio State's coaching staff.

"I'm being recruited by (running backs coach) Doc Tressel," Oglesby said. "And I also talk to head coach Jim Tressel. And (offensive line coach Jim) Bollman. I just want to say right now on the record that all the coaches at Ohio State are great coaches."

Oglesby talked more about Jim Tressel.

"He's a great guy," he said. "It definitely seems like he can separate his family life from the field. And I think that's very important. The head coach is supposed to make you feel like you can go and talk with him about anything. He's not going to give you a coach's answer. He's just a great guy overall and he's easy to talk to. You would think he'd almost be unapproachable, but he's easy to talk to."

Oglesby is a devastating run blocker at his size. But he admits he needs to improve in the area of pass protection.

"My definite strength is run blocking," he said. "I'm definitely a run blocking offensive lineman.

"One of the things I really want to improve on is pass blocking, because that's what I'm going to need at the next level, to go along with my run blocking skills."

Oglesby grew up rooting for the Wisconsin Badgers.

"Yeah," he said. "Around here, it's hard to be anything but a Badgers fan. It's Badger Country out here."

Are the local fans concerned that he's looking at some of UW's Big Ten rivals, as well as other schools such as Notre Dame?

"There's some questions. Some eyebrow-raising things," Oglesby said. "People think when you're offered by (big name) schools that you're going to go for the prestige. But it's all going to come down to where I feel the most comfortable."

Oglesby has visited Ohio State's campus on two occasions.

"Yes sir. I've been there for camp and I went to the Texas game," he said.

The hulking offensive tackle gave his impressions of the visits.

"Amazing," he said. "The facilities are amazing, the people are amazing, the atmosphere is just amazing there. And game days, I went to multiple games, and you can't beat it."

Oglesby plans on making the rounds to several football camps this summer.

"I'm definitely going to try and make it to the ones I went to last year, which would be (Wisconsin), Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan," he said. "I'm going to try and add in a few more just to aid my knowledge of different places."

Oglesby says he honestly has no idea when he might come to a decision. It could be sometime this summer before his high school season begins, or he could wait all the way until signing day.

"I really haven't set a timetable about when I'm going to make my decision," he said. "I feel that I'm going to make my decision when I feel that I've become educated enough about different areas and different programs and things like that. I don't want to rush into anything. I don't want it to be I get there and it's like, ‘Did I make the right decision? Did I go too quick?'"

Oglesby's high school team went 6-4 and made the state playoffs in 2005.

"We actually started off pretty good, but due to some injuries we ended up dropping our last three," he said. "Our starting tailback went down with an injury, and I went down with an injury, but I continued to play, which probably wasn't the best idea ever. Then we lost our fullback to a knee injury and just had minor injuries throughout the season."

This year, he is hoping to lead Saint Francis to a state championship.

"If we stay healthy and play as a team, I'm very optimistic about next season," Oglesby said. "I think we can have a special season. In the last two years we've rushed for over 7,000 rushing yards."

If Ohio State fans are looking for a good sign, here might be one: Oglesby grew up idolizing former OSU All-American tackle Orlando Pace.

"As long as I can remember I've compared myself to Orlando Pace as much as possible with his dominance on the field and his great character off the field," Oglesby said. "That's someone who I inspire to be like."

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