OC Herman Survives 19 Hours In Gridlock

OC Herman Survives 19 Hours In Gridlock

Weather has been a topic of conversation seemingly all month as the U.S. has been hit by wintry blast after wintry blast, and Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman found that out the hard way over the past two days as he was stuck in his car for 19 hours outside Atlanta thanks to the conditions.

Full disclosure: I woke up without running water at my Columbus home this morning, a consequence of a water main break likely related to the frigid temperatures gripping not only the Buckeye State but most of the eastern part of the nation.

But at least I'm not Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman, or the untold number of motorists stranded throughout the South thanks to a winter storm that has paralyzed the region.

Snow and ice in areas that are not used to dealing with them has resulted in chaotic conditions, including students stuck at iced-in schools, something Herman found out firsthand while driving (or at least attempting to) on interstate 285 near Atlanta yesterday while presumably finishing up a recruiting trip.

As of this morning, Herman's 19-hour car ride had come to an end, as he abandoned his rental car and made his way to the Atlanta airport safe and sound, per his Twitter feed at @OSUCoachHerman.

Not that it was easy. Until receiving help from a Delta representative, per his wife Michelle (@belletjh), Herman posted that he took a number of face plants in the snow and ice while carrying his luggage.

The rest of Herman's feed chronicled the unfortunate conditions, from his memories of the Starbucks coffee he had -- the last thing he ingested before being caught in the gridlock -- to his playing of the phone app Flappy Bird to pass the time.

Herman was also able to keep his eye on the prize, retweeting OSU quarterback Braxton Miller's early-morning post about the Buckeyes' 5 a.m. workout this morning.

Either way, we're thankful to hear Herman has made it out of the situation unscathed, and wish the best to everyone across the nation who is dealing with the wintry weather conditions.

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