Students Get Ready With Mirror Lake Jump

One of Ohio State's most unique traditions is the Mirror Lake jump, and the proceedings went off Tuesday night. Despite more security and limited access to the lake this year, the usual rowdy crowd showed up with one mission -- to wish the Buckeyes on to beat Michigan on Saturday.

It was still rowdy, it was still wet and it was still wild.

In essence, it was still Mirror Lake.

The annual student plunge into the picturesque body of water on the southwest corner of Ohio State's main campus -- made even more beautiful by the snow settled on the tree branches in Mirror Lake Hollow -- was still quite a celebration of Ohio State spirit and Michigan dislike on Tuesday night.

Despite the university's efforts to take a little more control out of the annual event that veers toward chaos and insanity, the spirit of the Ohio State students was still in full bloom.

The university erected fences around the lake and restricted access to the lake through one entrance while also requiring students to pick up wristbands in order to gain access before the event began. But despite that extra bit of necessary work -- not to mention two inches of snow on the ground and temperatures around freezing -- thousands of OSU students descended on the lake Tuesday night for the official jump (a few thousand more jumped in Monday night in a show of defiance against the university's plan).

They chanted "U-S-A!", anti-Michigan slogans and sang the school song 'We Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan. They wore Buckeye gear, costumes like Gumby and the black Power Ranger, an Indian headdress -- or in some cases, barely anything at all.

In other words, the tradition still lives on.

Attached below is some video and photos taken by BSB staffer Ryan Ginn from the annual event. Recommended Stories

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