Andrews sees the Midwest's best

Andrews sees the Midwest's best

One of the top wide receivers in 2014, Mark Andrews of Scottsdale (Ariz.) Desert Mountain, made visits to Ohio State, Michigan, and Notre Dame last week. Andrews recaps each one and explains how he'll fit in each offense. He also details what's next in recruitment and what other schools he plans to visit.

Wide receiver Mark Andrews of Scottsdale (Ariz.) Desert Mountain made stops at Ohio State, Michigan, and Notre Dame last week.

Andrews' first stop visit was to Ohio State.

"Ohio State went great," Andrews said. "I really enjoyed the coaches. The main thing I took away from Ohio State was how genuine everyone was there, even the people that I met that had nothing to do with the football program. That is something that is very important to me because those are the type of people I want to be around for the next four years."

Andrews described his role in the Buckeyes' offense as a pure wide receiver.

"Ohio State sees me as big wide receiver that gets moved around to make the defense wonder," Andrews said. "They want me to stretch the field."

"I talked with [head coach] (Urban) Meyer for a very long time, and we talked about what he believes in," Andrews said. "He is a great coach and incredible person. He has great morals. He is very invested in you, and he wants the best for his players and coaches."

Andrews' next stop was Michigan.

"Michigan was great as well," Andrews said. "Midwest people in general were so nice. That's big for me. Michigan actually sees me as a hybrid tight end, a guy that can line up inside and get moved to the outside sometimes. That would be fine with me if that's a role they think I can be good at, which they believe I can be. Michigan just has great facilities and awesome history and tradition."

"I talked with [head coach] (Brady) Hoke about where he came from and where he wants to take Michigan," Andrews said. "It would be an honor to play for him."

Finally, Andrews visited Notre Dame, who held their Blue & Gold game on Saturday.

"Notre Dame is such a beautiful place," Andrews said. "That really stood out. On Saturday, I got to tour campus. I also got to talk with [head coach] (Brian) Kelly, [safeties coach] (Bob) Elliot, and [offensive coordinator] (Chuck) Martin."

Andrews' impressive frame lends to his versatility in being used in a variety of roles.

"I really like how Notre Dame sees me in their offense," Andrews said. "They already have a couple of big tight ends to block, so they see me isolated and split out most of the time to create mismatches. I see myself really fitting into that offense."

"The spring game was really good to see," Andrews said. "I like how Notre Dame uses their wide receivers, hybrid guys, and tight ends like they say they do. They don't just talk about it. After the game, I got to talk with [Notre Dame tight end] Troy Niklas."

After a whirlwind tour of three football powerhouses, Andrews says he's not in a hurry to expedite the recruiting process.

"I am taking my time right now," Andrews said. "I'm in no rush. I visited those three schools because I'm very interested in them. In a little while, probably during the summer, I'll start focusing on a few certain schools."

"At the end of the day, it will come down to coaches, genuine people, how I see their offense, and academics," Andrews said.

The 6-foot-6, 220-pound wide receiver has also visited Arizona, Arizona State, and Oklahoma this spring.

"I don't have any more visits planned right now, but I'd like to get out and see Texas A&M, USC, and UCLA soon," he said.

Andrews is a four-star prospect and ranked as the No. 18 wide receiver in 2014. Recommended Stories

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