Borges: "We can win the Big Ten" (w/video)

Borges: "We can win the Big Ten" (w/video)

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges believes that if the Wolverines play the way they're capable of they can win the Big Ten—however, Denard Robinson and the offense will need to be much better in order to do it.

As an offense, when total points in a game are the same as the number of turnovers its pretty difficult to be successful. Michigan did just that in South Bend a little over a week ago and the Wolverines offensive coordinator Al Borges is still puzzled by the result.

"When you turn the ball over as many times as we turned the ball over you virtually have no chance to win the game," said Borges. "And we're fortunate that it was as close as it was."

"We did some good things in that game," Borges added. "It wasn't hard to find good plays. The problem was it wasn't hard to find bad ones either."

Fortunately the Wolverines weren't forced to turn the page quickly in preparation for the Big Ten. Instead the bye week afforded Borges and the offense ample opportunity to break down its troubles with Notre Dame and build up the philosophy that's been preached from day one.

"The good thing about two weeks is you got a chance to really evaluate everything you're doing," said Borges, "and that's what we've kind of done —is look at how we've played, on the road particularly cause we haven't played that well on the road. But overall, just see what the structure of the offense is and get back to sending the message and knowing that we've got to play better in those scenarios."

Scenarios Borges indicated Michigan will need to avoid, and specifically to allow senior quarterback Denard Robinson to be successful, revolves around the inordinate amount of 3rd & longs the Wolverines have been forced to tackle.

If the Michigan offense wants to find the mojo they appeared to have in their last two regular season wins of 2011 over Nebraska and Ohio State, junior running back Fitz Toussaint will need to provide more than 50 yards rushing per game.

"He's got to be more and more of a factor," said Borges. "We got him to be more of a factor in this game, and we're hoping to do the same in the next one, to take some pressure off the quarterback which is best here. We're best here when the quarterback isn't the whole show. We're not as good when he's the whole show, particularly in the running game."

‘Batman needs his Robin', and if Robinson's sidekick can emerge, then along with limiting the amount of backbreaking turnovers, Wolverine nation could walk out of the 2012 season beaming in celebration, according to Borges.

"I feel like we can win the Big Ten," Borges stated. "If we play like we're capable of playing, we can win the Big Ten. I think we're as good as anybody. I think if we play like that we can get beat by anybody. I think the kids feel the same way. [There's] a lot of parity in this conference, for a lot of reasons. If we go out and play like we're capable of playing we can play with anybody in our conference."

"It's a matter of shoring up the plays that are getting us beat," Borges concluded. "If we can sure that up we'll be fine."

To watch video of Borges from Tuesday's press conference, press play below. Recommended Stories