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Is Pryor A Heisman Candidate?

Pryor is touted as a Heisman candidate.

Technically speaking, every player in college football enters the season as a candidate for the sport's top individual award: The Heisman Trophy. Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel said the program usually waits a few weeks before promoting one of its own for major awards. With that deadline passed, how has quarterback Terrelle Pryor stood up to the Heisman expectations?

Jim Tressel might want to start printing some flyers. As the 2010 season began, the Ohio State head coach was asked if and when he would begin promoting junior quarterback Terrelle Pryor as a candidate for the Heisman Trophy. Citing a blueprint laid out by a former program spokesperson, Tressel said he would not launch any sort of campaign until three or four weeks into the season as long as... Recommended Stories

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